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Radical Cartoons

Political cartoons and book illustrations

I described myself as "Britain's Most Cancelled Political Cartoonist 2020" last year. ( Cancelled 3 times for the same cartoon)!

My slogan for 2021 is:

"They didn't cancel a cartoonist, they created a campaigner"!


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Is GETTR a real alternative?

Added by Stella Perrett at 09:51 on 13 January 2022

I've been on GETTR for about 2 weeks. Is it a real alternative to the hell-site? Not while everyone is sti...

New YouTube channel and on GETTR!

Added by Stella Perrett at 02:55 on 09 January 2022

Started my new YouTube channel as an outlet for new political cartoons last week, and have already managed to ...

Free speech victory today will help all artists

Added by Stella Perrett at 23:20 on 20 December 2021

Today's court victory by Harry Miller of Faircop is a huge relief to those of us who ALLEGEDLY have one of...

5 published books illustrated in last 2 years

Added by Stella Perrett at 14:26 on 24 November 2021

I was counting up the books I've illustrated in the last 2 years and it's 5 published (including my ow...

Presentation on Feminist Ethical Dialogues

Added by Stella Perrett at 12:03 on 29 October 2021

A few days ago I made this presentation on Feminist Ethical Dialogues, on the depiction of women in sf films ...

Interview on Podcast of The Lotus Eaters

Added by Stella Perrett at 12:36 on 06 October 2021

I was thrilled to be on PoTLEs in September. It's had over 90,000 views!