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Radical Cartoons

Political cartoons and book illustrations

I described myself as "Britain's Most Cancelled Political Cartoonist 2020" last year. ( Cancelled 3 times for the same cartoon)!

My slogan for 2021 is:

"They didn't cancel a cartoonist, they created a campaigner"!


Interview on Podcast of The Lotus Eaters

Added by Stella Perrett at 12:36 on 06 October 2021

I was thrilled to be on PoTLEs in September. It's had over 90,000 views! &nbs...

Without Fear or Favour

Added by Stella Perrett at 14:32 on 09 September 2021

Very pleased to have contributed a short piece on "Rainbow policing" to Graham Linehan's substac...

2 articles in one day!

Added on 28 April 2021

Well I know I say I am a campaigner who draws for campaigners, but this is ridiculous.  See the late...