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Political cartoons and book illustrations

I described myself as "Britain's Most Cancelled Political Cartoonist " in 2020 ( Cancelled 3 times for the same cartoon)! and my slogan was:"They didn't cancel a cartoonist, they created a campaigner"!

For 2024, I'm an old dog learning some new tricks -



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Here's my  self-help video, "An Artist's Journey To Alcohol Free ":


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They can't arrest us all

Added by Stella Perrett at 17:51 on 31 March 2024

In a few hours tonight (Easter Sunday) the new Scottish Hate Crime Law comes in. It potentially criminalises a...

Party Party!

Added by Stella Perrett at 14:49 on 11 February 2024

The Party of Women has at last been registered by the Electoral Commission!

Queers 4 Palestine Boycott McDonalds

Added by Stella Perrett at 07:58 on 06 November 2023

I am proud to be one of the 79,000 Brits who have signed the October Declaration.

Radical Cartoons speaking at Battle of Ideas in London!

Added by Stella Perrett at 02:25 on 27 October 2023

I'm very pleased to be speaking in the Battle of Ideas in London, on Sunday morning, 29 October 2023. It&#...

My new Substack

Added by Stella Perrett at 19:31 on 10 September 2023

My new substack is about 3 months old. I'm finding it a useful way to practise my writing and present my i...

My Feminist Trail on YouTube

Added by Stella Perrett at 19:01 on 08 June 2023

It took me 3 months to get the whole of the Feminist Trail in Bristol onto Radical Cartoons, on YouTube. Altog...

Podcast appearances this year so far

Added by Stella Perrett at 18:51 on 08 June 2023

So far this year I've been on 4 podcasts, about some of my other interests: Paul Goddard's Past Life R...

Ghost Story for Christmas 2022

Added by Stella Perrett at 11:54 on 16 December 2022

I am so thrilled to have received permission from the current Lord Dunsany, Randall Plunkett, to read one of h...

Full Sharia law being enforced in Afghanistan

Added by Stella Perrett at 15:11 on 16 November 2022

Only just over a year since the West abandoned Afghanistan, they declare full Sharia Law. This was my cartoon ...

New ko-fi page

Added by Stella Perrett at 19:55 on 06 November 2022

I just set up a ko-fi page so that anyone who wishes to can donate occasional tips. Never used anything like t...