Presentation on Feminist Ethical Dialogues

Added by Stella Perrett at 12:03 on 29 October 2021

A few days ago I made this presentation on Feminist Ethical Dialogues, on the depiction of women in sf films and comics over the last 100 years.

Interview on Podcast of The Lotus Eaters

Added by Stella Perrett at 12:36 on 06 October 2021

I was thrilled to be on PoTLEs in September. It's had over 90,000 views!

Without Fear or Favour

Added by Stella Perrett at 14:32 on 09 September 2021

Very pleased to have contributed a short piece on "Rainbow policing" to Graham Linehan's substack.

2 articles in one day!

Added on 28 April 2021

Well I know I say I am a campaigner who draws for campaigners, but this is ridiculous. See the latest articles on And

Jo Bartisch reviews my book on L& GN

Added on 27 March 2021

Thanks to Jo Bartosch for the review of my book on Lesbian and Gay News!

Lesbian and Gay News launch, February 2021

Added on 07 March 2021

Very proud to have a cartoon in the launch of L&G News, illustrating mrmenno's article: