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My experience of being cancelled featured in the Mail on Sunday

Added on 13 July 2020

On 12 July my story was featured in a 5 page spread on cancel culture  in the Mail on Sunday, p 9.

You can find it on the MoS website.

Since then, my 'Right of reply to readers of the Morning Star ' has been published on feminist sites, the first one is Womens Liberation Radio News. 

I told the editor of the MS, in a phone call, that if he would not publish it, then feminist  websites would. He acknowledged  that there was nothing he could do  about it.

I have also sent it to the South West ' Morning Star Readers and Supporters Group', who still include me in their emails, and whose members I have been good friends with. Hopefully they will feel able to discuss it in their regular meetings.

Here's one of the Morning Star's write ups of my work, from 2015.