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Logo competition

Added on 24 January 2011

In January a department of the DWP, F.I.S., asked for ideas for a new logo for their website. I am part of a community at work called "The Amaze Project" which encourages creativity in the civil service.

I asked my colleagues in my office for their ideas, and then submitted them. Here is the result, and a link to the logo competition decision:

“ Can you please pass on my thanks to all the people who have spent time producing icons for the FIS pipeline on Idea Street. I have been particularly impressed by both the high standard and wide variety of ideas and was happy to have to take no part in trying to pick a 'winner'.


That job fell to the FIS Continuous Improvement team, who have decided that the image below is their choice. Whilst the designer of that logo can be justifiably proud, for me the winner is (without wanting to sound too cheesy) the Amaze project (and it's community) that was able to take a challenge at short notice with a tight deadline and deliver so effectively.


Thanks very much for taking part ."


My cartoons did not win, but here they are.