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Added on 14 July 2010

I've been told today that my entry didn't win the overall competition, but it DID win the "Peoples Choice" vote, which is really good news.

It's now in a touring exhibition of government departments in London.

My friend Alan will be really chuffed - he was back in nick again in the last month, for a two-week stretch. In England, if you are nicked for (unagressive) begging and fined, and cannot pay, you are banged up, and some of the fine is wiped off. But not all of it. So you come out of prison and have to go out begging again to pay the remainder of the fine!

It took them about 5 police and council workers, some disguised as human beings, to sting Alan this time - as he sat on his usual spot, outside Sainsburys, selling his Big Issues. Keeps them in a job, I suppose!

if you scroll down this page you can read my diary of how I produced the picture.