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Added on 18 April 2020

"Smiling through Covid" 

So the Morning Star no-platformed me with no right of reply in late February 2020, ( over a feminist cartoon they liked, published, then changed their minds, even though they knew it was about a specific item in the ongoing national debate over possible changes to the GRA:- women-only safe spaces (swimming sessions) and not anything-phobic). Since then I've been supported by Spiked, Private Eye, and individual MS readers who protested to the paper. 

The new Free Speech Union will shortly make a complaint to the paper over their behaviour.

So I have been sending my 'Smiling through Covid' cartoons  ( see them in the page with the same name on the menu, left) to my own friends and colleagues under lockdown, and 3 organisations in Bristol that support mental health, who are sharing them in their groups.

'Laughter is the best medicine' comes from the Biblical saying at the top of this page. If you know someone who would benefit from a spoonful of humour, feel free to send them any of the cartoons, and/or a link to this website.